Why Choose Us?

Solid Experience

Prince Media Group values excellence and integrity. Our name itself defines what we're all about: distinctive, top-quality, and honorable work. Founded by national award winning journalist Sandra Chapman, Prince Media is built upon the same reputation of hard work and measurable results. We are client focused and dedicated to bringing the best partners and skillsets to each project.

Communication Expertise

Our communications plans are next level and based on evolving best practices and principles to create growth and value for the organizations, communities and audiences served.

Professional Partners

We pride ourselves on our professional relationships. Prince Media will work with your trusted team, or introduce you to partnerships that align with your goals and values. We work with and seek out diverse media and communications professionals with a demonstrated commitment to excellence. If our name is on it, we want the best.

Get To Know Us Better

Sandra Chapman
Founder and President

Sandra brings decades of experience to Prince Media Group. Her work has led to legislative changes across the State of Indiana, and prompted critical policy changes within government agencies, schools, healthcare and law enforcement.  She has reported on critical incidents and understands the inner-workings of crisis driven media events.
Sandra also understands the power of compelling storytelling to bring understanding to complex issues. In addition, since leaving local television news, she has continued her education by seeking a graduate level certification in Strategic Communications from Butler University.