Strategic Communications

Prince Media Group promotes an holistic strategic communications approach and develops plans to meet organizational goals while keeping the valued interest of stakeholders in focus. Our plans are designed to improve messaging, embrace authenticity and to create strong brand identity.

Crisis Communications

At times, communication challenges can emerge and impact a business both internally and externally. How a company handles those situations makes all the difference in the moment and into the future. At Prince Media, we understand the complexities and interest of both the organization and the media. Our team’s expertise can provide the insights necessary to meet the moment and to produce effective outcomes.

Video Content and Production

Compelling videos, messaging, campaigns and promotional storytelling can play an integral role in attracting new audiences or building a brand. Prince Media and its team of award winning producers, photographers and editors can elevate your individual or organizational vision. Our team has decades of experience producing broadcast quality media for your platform whether it is for internal corporate viewing, web-based programming, or a documentary film project.

Sandra’s work for the Lumina Foundation includes “Student Parent Success Stories from Winston-Salem State University” and “Student Parent Profile.

Public Speaking

The right voice or personality can bring clarity and credibility to any project or event. When
your organization has the spotlight, you want the audience free of distractions and captivated
by your messaging. Whether its conducting a press conference, serving as an emcee or
providing professional narration, Prince Media will keep your audience engaged while making
sure to cover the important highlights from A to Z.

Click to view the “State of Ball State” episode hosted by Sandra Chapman.

Sandra Chapman hosted the live stream of the Inaugural Ball State Plus Web Series and its "State of Ball State" Episode with BSU President Geoffrey Mearns, Men's Basketball Coach, Mike Lewis and Women's Basketball Coach Brady Sallee.